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The city of Antalya, which is described as the capital of leisure tourism, is located in the southern Turkish region of the South Sea. Turkey is the sixth largest city in terms of size. Surrounded by the city of Mugla, Bordor, Esparta, Konya, Kraman and Marsin, this is a dynamic and strategic city, a link between more than one city.

Properties For Sale in Antalya :

It is worth mentioning that Antalya provides abundant employment opportunities in the fields of agriculture and tourism, which makes it a multi-population density that provides excellent investment opportunities for those looking to invest in Turkey . Featuring  apartments for sale in Antalya  as part of residential complexes or other tourist. While the residential complexes are populated by the city's resident population, it embrates tourist complexes such as resorts and villas. Many tourists who visit Antalya in huge numbers are shown by the reference of the Turkish Statistics Agency "Government" to the 9 million and 740 thousand tourists visited Antalya in 2017 only.

The tourist attraction of Antalya is characterized by abundance and continuity, given the city's richness in historical and entertainment places that make it the "Little Istanbul", but with better features; no traffic congestion, no population density.

Since 1980, the city of Antalya has received high interest from the Turkish state, and this interest has made it a center of attraction for those wishing to stay in order to work in the fields of agriculture and tourism in particular, which led to an increase in urban expansion, which was managed by the Turkish state plans maintained its organization and distribution.

Antalya has an ancient history dating back to the early ages, where it embroked many civilizations that varied between the Celtic, Lydillian, Roman, Byzantine, Celtic and Ottoman civilizations. Although Antalya has not become the capital of these civilizations, it embraces a great and diverse historical heritage.

The tourist influx of Antalya does not mean that it is a hybrid city far from population stability. Antalya is divided among tourists such as Alanya, Kach and others, and a stable population; Kliman and Konaliti. This division, which provides stability for those who want to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey, clearly shows the first visit to the city.

In addition to population stability, Antalya has many job opportunities for those who are fluent in Arabic, especially in tourism, as well as in agricultural and industrial trade. Its value is further compounded by the fact that it has two international airports that make it easy to travel to other cities and countries.

The most important feature of Antalya as a place of quiet and fruitful living is its access to advanced educational and health services, as well as two government universities and a number of private universities, as well as institutions and academies.

Apartments For Sale in Antalya :

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